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Story Rescue.com and Joe Gilford, Story Consultant offer services on a for-hire basis.  Analysis and reporting are based on professional experience using accepted practices of analysis of scripts, stories and other dramatic material.

There is no guarantee as to the commercial viability of such material nor the accuracy of reporting. It is understood that there is no aesthetic standard to this analysis. It is also understood that creative material can be judged differently by varied points of views and opinions in sharply different ways. The story report is neither final nor definitive.

Clients are urged to seek further consultation from other professional sources.


Prices subject to current rates

Basic Services


STORY RESCUE accepts payment in full when we are engaged. Services are generally completed within 10-15 days after receipt of material. Phone conferences are arranged according to a mutually agreed upon schedule.

Payments accepted: all major credits using our PayPal service. Personal checks mailed via US Priority Mail or Standard Overnight. Interbank transfer. Services provided after payment is confirmed.


* REVIEW: Reading the script from beginning to end paying special attention to story sense, structure, character, conflict and overall story integrity.

* ANALYSIS: The process of defining the strengths and weaknesses of the script and proposing some solutions.

* IN-LINE NOTES: Using “Track Changes” tool to insert notes and comments into your script. Some corrections may be indicated as “by example” but are not meant to be complete corrections (see below). Corrections, additions or deletions are offered as a separate service (see “ADDITIONAL SERVICES”).


* REPORT: A typewritten document containing the analysis of your script which may include: Genre, Summary, Story notes, Overall Recommendations, Prognosis, etc. (varies).

* PHONE CONFERENCE: A ½-hour — 1-hour phone conference to clarify the report and discuss your project.\

· ADDITIONAL PAGES CHARGES. Each service is based on a standard page-count (see Services chart).

· SCREENPLAYS: (up to 120 pp.) $2.50 per page over 120 pages. Screenplays are calculated at the standard 55 lines per page.  Your script will be conformed to determine the actual number of pages in industry standard formatting.

· STAGE PLAY: (up to 80 pp.) $3.00 per page over

· OTHER SCRIPTS: $2.50 per page over standard.

· PROSE FICTION: is calculated at appx. 300 wpp, 12pt. Font, double spaced @ $3.00 per page, no limit.

Additional/Non-Basic Services

(not included in basic services)

Prices subject to special terms. Available only after basic evaluation

EDITING and CORRECTIONS (per hour or per flat rate)

· Changes and Corrections of errors & grammar

· Improvement of descriptive language

· Corrections to technical language

· Corrections and improvement of erroneous or flawed formatting and/or technical writing.

· Improvement of Continuity

RE-FORMATTING (per hour or flat rate)

Corrections to or conversion to standard formatting or conversion from one formatting application to another.

COLLABORATIVE SERVICES (per special terms)

Story Rescue offers long-term collaborative services customized to the particular project. These services are determined through detailed planning and discussion.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

Story Rescue is a consultancy that offers its services solely in consultation with the owners of the material. The client warrants that the material is solely his/her property. Story Rescue assumes no rights nor do its services imply collaboration or co-ownership. Clients remain the sole owner of their material. Story Rescue respects the client’s rights to intellectual property and the professional expectations of confidentiality. Story Rescue will never reveal story content to another party. Story Rescue observes all ethical and professional standards of privacy, confidentiality and copyright protection.

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Privacy & Use

All information on this site is intended solely to describe the services of StoryRescue.com. Those services are obtained through this vendor at the risk of the user and the vendor makes no guarantees as to usability of those services.

StoryRescue.com provides consultation on a “for hire” basis and assumes no responsibility regarding the quality of the screen stories which are provided by the user.

StoryRescue.com provides services for a fee agreed upon by the user and StoryRescue.com. These are consultant services of a creative nature and are not meant to encourage, devise or promote a clearly defined formula for improving, creating or writing a screen fiction story or screenplay script.

StoryRescue.com is not an agency or management company nor does it provide, encourage or advise any individuals regarding careers or employment in any aspect of the motion picture industry. The services provided through this site are not in any way meant to guarantee placement, sale, marketing or quality of material used herein or exchanged between user and this site.

StoryRescue.com reserves the right to refuse any individual services at its discretion without notice.

This site may be used only by individuals 18 years of age or older.

StoryRescue.com assumes no liability as to expenses, liabilities, errors, or other material and information contained in material provided by the user.

StoryRescue.com assumes that user is solely responsible for all material provided previous to and as a result of consultation.

Any information obtained from the user will be held in the strictest privacy. All copyrights and rights of use of the client are fully respected under International Copyright, US Library of Congress and Writers Guild of America copyright and registration protections & regulations.

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