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Before submitting your material, PLEASE CONTACT US AT: info@StoryRescue.com

DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until we respond to your initial submission.

STORY RESCUE is a service for those who are contemplating professional submission of their scripts. STORY RESCUE review adheres to professional standards of ramatic writing.

Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS for a detailed description of services and your client rights.

Our services are arranged by “basic” and (below) “additional” services.


(basic services)

(includes all * services below)

* Review: Reading the script from beginning to end, paying special attention to story sense, structure, character, conflict and overall story integrity.

* Analysis: The process of defining the strengths and weaknesses of the script and proposing some solutions.

* In-Line Notes: Using “Track Changes” tool to insert notes and comments into your script. Some corrections may be indicated as “by example”. Corrections, additions or deletions are offered as a separate service (see below).

All of the above + choice of:

* Report: A typewritten document containing the analysis of your script which may include: Genre, Summary, Story notes, Overall Recommendations, Prognosis, etc.


* Phone Conference: A ½-hour to one-hour phone conference to clarify the report and discuss your project.

Weekly or bi-weekly private sessions via online choice of online video services. 4 – 10 week subscription. Includes reading of material and one-hour private evaluation sessions. $100 per hour. Includes up to 20 script pages or 5 prose/outline pages. First pitch session is free. This session may be less than one hour.

Services are scaled for TV, SHORT FILMS and STORY TREATMENTS.


STORY RESCUE accepts payment in full upon receipt of your material via email. Services are generally completed within 10-15 days after receipt of your material. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards.

Service Rates

We offer discounts and adjusted services for our regular clients. Students currently enrolled may inquire about our academic discount.

Material via email only. We accept the following formats:

· Final Draft

· Movie Magic Screenwriter

· Celtx

· Fade In Pro

· MS Word(for prose projects only)


(Subject to additional fees and service arrangements. Provided only after basic ‘PRO’ or ‘PRO+’ evaluation.)

Project Collaboration(by special agreement)

Script consultation(script-doctor), rewrites and collaboration for your screenplay, TV script or stage play. Project development from your original source material such as:

· Your existing script in any medium

· Your Idea

· Your Outline

· Adapted from your novel, short story, play, memoir or life experience.

General Document Services

· Editing, reformatting, error corrections.

· Format correction and enhancement

· Enhancement of descriptive prose

· Format-to-Format conversion

· Other clerical services as per request.


Story Rescue will never reveal story content to another party.

Story Rescue observes all ethical and professional standards of privacy, confidentiality and copyright protection.


© copyright: Story Rescue - Terms & Conditions

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